Our Snacks

Popcorn Flavor

Eureka’s Original

I’m a healthy original flavored popcorn- original but not ordinary, I’m Eureka’s Original! Blended with the right percentage of quality ingredients, and coated with sea salt and sugar, I’ll spice up your taste bud with an extraordinary deliciousness of popcorn. Enjoy Eureka’s Original, enjoy crunchy snacks in healthy way!

Classic Caramel

Caramel, caramel and caramel! I’m the ingenious classic caramel popcorn, and Classic Caramel is me! Can you resist my scrumptiousness that formulated with brilliant combination? Well, there’s no harm in pampering yourself with a good snack like me once in a while. Caramelized your moments with Classic Caramel!


Have you ever tried a snack that gives you the peace of mind? I, Nori Seaweed, am concerning your health and satisfying of your sense of taste like no snacks do. I’m popcorn that blended with natural fine seaweed and riches with dietary fiber, mineral and proteins.

Flaming Hot

I own the taste of divine and devil. The sprinkle of curry in perfect balance with the sweet, particularly the spicy concoction you may hardly imagine. Let’s try and you will know the word of “best” is not enough to describe me.

Sweet Tomato

Everything taste better with tomato sauce including popcorn! Possessed the perfect match of sweet and sour, it makes me the tastiest flavored popcorn ever; and I’m Sweet Tomato Popcorn! I’m enriches with the unique taste of sweet and sour! Savour me, I’ll show you what real tomatoey and crispy are.

Savoury Cheese

When the history of thousand years meets everyone’s favorite… and there goes Savoury Cheese, the amazing secret cheese popcorn recipe! Creamy and rich, tangy and buttery describes me the best. Popcorn lovers love me and cheese lovers can never get enough of me. Resisting me? But I’m too impressive.

Wasabi Popcorn

Whoever touches me, your sensation will be burn. Whoever tastes me, your nerve response will be trigger. This is why my spice makes me so extraordinary and unique. Challenge me with your courageous, a little sharp taste persistently aftertaste that makes you forget me not.

Butter Caramel

It is so hard to resist from the scrumptious butter caramel popcorn which describe who I am. Caramelized and buttery, Sweet and salty, unbeatable combination is extremely stimulating the sense of taste bugs. Get some supply before I drive you crazy.

Dark Chocolate Popcorn

Sweeter and bitter become incredible complex taste beyond description. My mysterious will let you experience the taste of life. Chocoholic loves me and can’t live without me. Is my sexy pop tempted you? Take me down now…

Pop Rock Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Handmade Pop Rock Chocolate never makes you bored, particularly my extraordinary ingredients make me so unique and so special, feel the melt in your mouth, the Pop Rock start dancing, you may enjoy the melody which non-created by DoReMi. Feel the beats now!