Question 1:

How many flavor or popcorn you have?

We have 9 at the moment.

Question 2:

Which flavor/product is your best seller?

Our butter caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn and tomato popcorn are selling FAST! You should also try our Pop Rock Chocolate, it’s a little something to melt and get surprise with.

Question 3:

What’s Pop Rock Chocolate?

Pop Rock Chocolate will POP to surprise you when you melt the chocolate in your mouth. You can get a FREE tasting at all our outlet.

Question 4:

FREE tasting?
Yes, it’s FREE! You can try our entire snack range at all our outlet.

Question 5:

What’s mushroom popcorn?

There are 2 type of popcorn, which is butterfly popcorn and mushroom popcorn. Butterfly popcorn can be found at most cinema and it shape are uneven, while mushroom popcorn are naturally in round shape, it provide better mouth feel and taste better. We only use Non-GMO popcorn maize for our product.

Question 6:

What’s Non-GMO?

GMO stand for “genetically modified organism”, it means that the plant or animal are modified in a way that it does not occur or growth in its original natural way for certain reason. We only use Non-GMO popcorn maize to pop our popcorn.

Question 7:

How about other product? Is it safe to eat?

Yes, we only use the finest ingredient for our snack recipe, and we never stop searching for better quality ingredient and solution, so that you can have a peace of mind when snacking with us.

Question 8:

How many outlet you have now?

We have 10 outlets throughout Malaysia major shopping mall at the moment, and we are expending.

Question 9:

Are you open for franchise/license/dealer/wholesale/agent?

Yes, we do. Please email your enquiry and contact thru enquiry@eurekasnack.com. We will have our person in charge to contact you when we receive your email enquiry.

Question 10:

I have a marketing proposal to offer. Who should I contact?

We are looking for sponsorship for our event. Who should we contact?

You can send in your enquiry to enquiry@eurekasnack.com for marketing related matter.

Question 11:

I have product/service/ingredient to offer. Who should I contact?

You can send in your product/service profile to enquiry@eurekasnack.com, we shall contact you if we are interested with your product/service.